Branding & Designing

A product is what you sell, a brand is an imaginary image of the product you are selling, and branding is a strategy to create that image. Branding is the process of establishing and enhancing product relationships with consumers. The brand is considered one of the most important assets in the company. 

Let’s understand branding with a simple example.  

Coffee is a familiar drink that is commonly used by us daily. It became a product on the day people and companies started selling it. 

But coffee basically looks the same, doesn’t it? So, how can different companies sell the same product but still convince people to buy their own coffee instead of the one that comes out of the competition! 

Kikstaart, Best Branding Agency in India gives you the solution for it by making your brand unique in the industry.

Branding consists of Brand Visual Identity and Brand Positioning. Brand Visual identity comprises your logo, typography, colors and creative designs. Brand Positioning means making a place in the mind of your customers through brand message and digital marketing. 

Brand Visual Identity is what makes a unique point for every company’s product or service. By understanding the product and creating a unique design it becomes easy to connect the brand value with the audience. This will be the first customer interaction of the business and therefore it is vital to create a positive and lasting first impression. 

Brand Positioning is the way of placing the brand in the brain of the target audience. It allows you to view the brand in a unique way by creating emotions, storylines etc. These creations make it stand out from the competitors. Brand Positioning is the main reason why a customer approaches your product or service rather than going to another competitor who almost does the same. 

Other Design

Other designs includes brochure or leaflet design, business card design and many more. Its primary purpose is not only to inform people about your products and services, but also to emphasize the fact that you have the best solutions compared to your competitors. Kikstaart's talented designers make all designs that can create an impact on your target audience, by paying attention to detail and focusing on customer needs.

Branding journey

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